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Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's Friday, 6:01pm. Hours before San Francisco’s most anticipated disco, BLOW UP.

Pre-party Text Messages:

(sent)OMG! R U still going 2 BLOW UP with me 2nite!?

(reply)IDK. I want 2 but I don’t have anything to wear! : (
What r u gonna wear???
(sent)UR not going becuz U have nothing to wear!?!?!
That is so pathetic! I’m just putting anything on…its watevr.

(reply) ugh. Fine! I’m gonna look disastrous. Serial.

(sent) Yeah, yeah. Who cares!? Trying is so last years fashion!

Little did he know I’d been diligently organizing my outfit all day, and up until the last minute I was still artfully modify it. Anonymous, would spend the next three hours doing the same.

PhotobucketIt’s silly to think that one would put such effort into a dance party, right? But when you’ve spent your entire life dressing down your personality and suppressing your potential because the people around you have forced normalcy down your throat, you tend to dive full throttle into any opportunity which allows you to project your creativity out into the world.

When you turn the corner onto Fell Street, you see just that! People coming as their fantastical “real selves,” you witness animated characters and glamorous misfits lined up enthusiastically before the dingy door of the Rickshaw Stop. Everyone’s dressed in vintage fantasies, unseen innovative creations and trendy has-been reinterpretations; clothes which make everyone’s shadows on the wall not even closely resemble the human form. All these Downtown kids you couldn’t even imagine living anywhere else but Downtown San Francisco! However, the reality is that most of these kids are out-of-towners, refugees and runaways in painful need of a getaway from their dull hometowns; as much as minutes or even hours away from the city. And though most would argue that all the attendees are just there to make an impression, well, I say, step back and just observe how most of these kids arrive at the party looking flawless and organized, and leave unkempt and drenched in sweat! People are there to enjoy themselves, and looking good is just part of it! For some of us the commute to BLOW UP was only 45 minutes long, but the ride it took for our lives to take us to a place where we could find people to relate to, be ourselves and listen to good music while doing it, well, that time was years too fucking long!

(Below) Blow Up party people!

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Click Below to go see more of that nights fashion profiles. enjoy!



Anonymous said...

who is the girl with blue hair ..

i must know

someone tell me

Anonymous said...

haha she was cute, I danced with her and her friends but i dont remember her name