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Monday, May 19, 2008


Overdose on Designer Drugs...

In the seconds just prior to logging on to ones’ e-mail, it’s shameless to say that you get a little giddy. Or at least I do. I get this naught in my stomach, just thinking of all the possible messages that could stumble in to my life and alter it forever. I wonder anxiously, “Will my crush finally profess his secret love for me through this next comment?!”, “Will somebody leave me a nice compliment that siphons my morning insecurities?” I tend to hope for many things, bearing very high expectations, but none the likes of which came to me a particular Sunday Morning a few weeks ago!
With my morning bed-head and coffee-breath I Logged onto my e-mail and saw that I had a new friend request on Myspace. In the recent months my friend request have become almost a nuisance to me, only due to that fact that they all end up being some slutty girl named Tammy or Sandy, Cherry, or Mandy(they all end with an ee sound for some reason) who want to meet “a single sexy guy like me.” Okay…I’m gay! Enough said.
Reluctantly, I logged on to my Myspace and saw that my “friendship” is not being requested by some viral teenage whore but by one of my new favorite NYC based music producers DESIGNER DRUGS! Yikes! Just incase you live under a rock, Philadelphia Natives Michael Patrick and Theo-dorable (Designer Drugs) made a name for themselves when they released their MP3’s “Fuck Yeah” and “Sex Up My Brain”, they managed to start remixing club pounding hits for such groups as Thieves Like Us, PROTOKOLL, Hail Social, FLOU and Midnight Juggernauts. You can see why I was so excited, right? So I’m thinking “oh ok, I’m another number on their friend count”, yet low and behold, I take notice that I was sent a tagged message saying “Next time I’m in SF, I want you to take my picture and introduce me to all your friends! - Michael” Bossy right? I loved it! I was pulling out my hair in elation!!! I replied ever so cool “I’ll give you a whole fucking photo shoot if you want!!!! And my friends would love you. I can get you so much sex you’ll never want to leave!
Now, I’m not passing my math classes at the moment but I’m not so stupid that I can’t comprehend when an opportunity is at hand. I mustered my courage and told him, “I have this little blog but I’m hoping I can do an interview with you?
Which to Michael replied in the most daring manner,
Ok. But it has to be crazy!
Was he testing me??? Because I am up for a challenge! If Michael Patrick wants to be the Lion, I will be the Gladiator…and I shell come at you like Russell Crow, M.P! Let’s do this!

So here is my CRAZY interview with Michael Patrick of Designer Drugs...

Well, since you gentlemen just came to San Francisco (Playing an amazing DJ set at the Rickshaw Stop!) and are Now residence of New York City, I’ve decided to start you off with this “SF vs. NYC” questioneer:
SC: Who has easier looking girls at the party?
DD: San Francisco…

SC Who has easier looking gays at the party?
DD: San Francisco!
SC: agreed.

SC: Who Drinks more at the party?
DD: New York City! The Bars are open until 4 am!!!

SC: Who is more likely to have STDS at the party?
DD: Theo would know that best, because he has all of them.haha

SC: Who has more jailbait at the party?
DD: Deffenatly San Fran!

SC: Who has more drugs at the party?
DD: We do!!!

SC: Moving on. Let’s chat a bit. So are you guys actually into drugs? Or did you just think “Designer Drugs” was a really cute name?
DD: It’s a combination of the two. I’m not too into drugs right now, especially after Last Saturday in LA. But Let’s not talk about that…

SC: How did you guys come up with the name? Did you have any other potential titles?
DD: I remember reading anti drug books in middle school and always thought designer drugs sounded really cool. I don't think there were any other potential titles.

SC: Are you on drugs right now?
DD: No. But the strippers I'm hanging out with are…

SC: Speaking of strippers! I would imagine that you get a lot of junkies coming up to you with drugs! Any good stories? “Dude, I get fucked up to your music! Want some coke?!”
DD: Yeah! We get that all the time! But the stories are all so foggy...

SC: So you guys had great success this year. What’s the best part of fame? Besides “doing what you love!”
DD: Autographing girls' boobs! obviously!

SC: Do you boys get more sex now? Details.
DD: Let’s just say, we’re Mile High Club members…

SC: You do everything high!haha So do you have sex to your own music?
DD: Totally! “Sex Up My Brain” was written for intercourse, it's really heavy and pounding, however, the ending of the song has that little sentimental bit that poses the question, "is this more than a physical relationship?" Girls love that shit.

SC: Random question, but do you feel that your record company pressures you to be skinnier and have a sexier image to keep up with young Hollywood???
DD: Totally, if we gain more than 10 pounds we'll get sent back to the blogland.

SC: Have you met any Big Celebs? Michael and Theo dancing on tables with Paris Hilton?
DD: No not really, just underground. but I was dancing alone with my shirt off last night. I woke up and said "did I really have my shirt off?"

SC: Quick. Would you rather do a line with Lindsay Lohan or Nichole Richie?
DD: Kate Moss!

SC: Which would you rather feed?
DD: Umm…I'll keep the White Castle for myself.

SC: If Hanna Montana asked you to remix her album would you do it? And what would it sound like?
DD: Yes I would! and it would sound illegal...

SC: Are you working on any remixes? Can you remix the new Madonna, and make it not suck! Please!
DD: Yeah! We are working on some tunes for Hearts Revolution, Jupiter One and Fake Shark - Real Zombie, and there are a few more we didn't start yet. About the Madonna thing, just tell her to hit me up with the stems and we'll sort it out!

SC: I’ll get my people to get here on the phone. I’ll get back to you.

SC: Are you coming back to SF soon?
DD: I don't have any plans but I deffenantly want to come back. (promoters!)

SC: You just got back from Mexico, right?
DD: Yes! Mexico was GREAT I signed some boobs and hung out with TEAMO, the fashion designers that I love! They are amazing! They took me to all the cool spots in DF. So FUN!
We are also planning to collaborate on a t-shirt with them soon. I'm really into there aesthetic right now.

SC: I LOVE TEAMO! I can’t wait! So besides that collaboration, what’s the next BIG step for you guys!?
DD: John Redden(myspace. com/johnredden) and I are starting a new all ages party in Philadelphia called LOVELIGHT(myspace. com/lovelightparty) which will be rad because there are not a lot of 18+ dance parties in philly. I just did a little tour of Mexico and plan to go back for another tour in 2 months. We have some vinyl coming out too, our remix of Hail Social's Heaven and we also plan to do two 7-inch vinyls with Fake Shark - Real Zombie.

Now, I'd say I concored right?

In all truth, I've met many DJs and have noticed an over all trend...They're vain jerks. Only few have I known to be as down to earth as Michael Patrick; He has had all the success required to get a big head, and utter that vexing sentance, "Don't you know who I am?" However, he doesn't do that but even if he did...I'd still be dancing to DD! They're music is too good to hate.


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jane love said...

OMG...I can't wait til the Hannah Montana remix comes out...what a good idea!!!!!!!!!! DD could remix ANYTHING and make it sound BANGIN'